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Thanks for Everything!

Below are all the lovely folks who donated to the Indiegogo campaign back in 2014 when I needed time to research and focus on The Amazing True Imaginary Autobiography of Dick & Jani. There are many others who helped in myriad ways along the way not mentioned here, but you all will be thanked when the book is published. One of the 'perks' of the campaign included a promise to build this website, so I want to give all the donors a shout-out here for being part of what made this happen. If you would like to donate, you still can here. You can think of it as a book pre-order, and I will of course be delighted. You can also donate directly to the maintenance this site. All of you who have contributed in every way deserve a place in heaven. Here are the donors, who I thank once again from the bottom of my heart:

Elizabeth Adams, John Barclay-Morton, Allan Bilsky, Julie Clark Boak, Christoph Bolten, Ellen Boscov, Zoe Bouras, Jenny Boylan, Melinda Buckley, Glenda Burgess, Christine Campbell, Joanna Caldas, Francelle Carapetyan, Mark Cassidy & Suzanne Hersh, Sabrina Colie, Carol L. Colvin, Jay Davidson, Michael DiGioia, Peter Felsenthal, Robyn Flemming, Kathy Franklin, Dana Leslie Goldstein, Kélina Gotman, Susan Greenfield, Carle Groome, Renata Hinrichs, Julia Hough, Christian Huygen, David Irons, Bill Jose, Judith W. Kamilhor, Jeffrey A Lewonczyk, Jennifer Litchfield, Jana Llewellyn, Timothy Lone, Amy Loomis, Alyson Lounsbury, Sarah Lowengard, Amy Ludwig, Pam MacLean, Rachel Malbin, Jane Marcellus, Carol Martin, Susan Meeker, Sharon Miller, Glenn Mitchell, Becky Mode, Katherine & Peter Myles, Veronica Needa, Nicole Poole, Steve Potter, Susan E. Purdy Pelosi, Nina Roberts, Karen Rush Rizzo, William Roetzheim, Tamara Rogers, Chris J. Rudzki, Jonathan Salisbury, Nic Sammond, Amy L Sanders, Peter Schmidt, Robin Schmidt, Michael Steven Schultz, Rajni Shah & Theron Schmidt, Hasan Anil Sepetçi, Luis Sotelo, Malin Stahl, Carol Lynn Tabas, E Jill & James Tobak, Mario Veenstra, Sallyanne Wood, all the Anonymous Donors...


a special shout-out to my mother's friend Fran Woodring who sent me $500 unsolicited to help me write the book
, thereby giving me the courage to start the crowd-funding campaign and a vote of confidence in the book when I sorely needed it.

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