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Just like public radio, sometimes this...

Hello followers and newcomers to this fabulous site of grandmothers' stories, where we are rewriting the 20th Century archive one grandmother at a time!

I am taking a break from our regularly scheduled grandmother blog posts to request that you consider donating to this site. Every post, story and photo takes many hours to edit, format, and promote properly. I have no funding, so this is a labor of love, but I will need - to continue to grow the site - to ask for donations from time to time - in order to be able to give the site the love, time, and attention it deserves. Please consider donating through the contact page.

Meanwhile, I have posted the story that goes along with the wonderful photo from Jill Nierman on the site, which you can find here under Mary Lu Bois:

Mary Lu Bois circa 1917 on Rockaway Beach

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